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January 14, 2010Jake DiMare

There’s growing excitement within the developer community about the coming integration of Flash player 10.1. Being developed specifically for mobile devices, 10.1 is slowly being released on a variety of supported devices (mostly in Japan, of course).  I was recently asked if I thought Flash 10.1 would be an App Store killer. I’m not sure about that…but it is certain to be a game changer.
Developers who are creating games and other applications with varying complexity will not spend much time wondering which is better. Its simple economics…should I build it once and deliver it via the open web or build it once for each platform…Currently at least 4 times…and deal with the hassles of arbitrary approval processes and other ‘App Store’ nonsense? Simply put, games and other applications that don’t require access to features like geographic location services or the device camera are certain to migrate away from the app store.
Consider the features that will be supported:

  1. Multi-touch support
  2. Accelerometer support
  3. Media playback
  4. Microphone access

Just the media support alone is going to change the game. Right now if I want to watch video on my mobile device (Palm Pre) I am limited to using either a You Tube app or the built in ‘Sprint TV’. YouTube obviously offers a great deal of options but it is certainly not the only place online offering Flash based video. In fact, 80% of all online video content today is Flash encoded. This means there is a lot of content you will be able to watch on your phone when 10.1 becomes ubiquitous.
More than technology, this is a step in the right direction for mobile. At the current growth rate, mobile devices will surpass browsers as the most popular way to access the web by 2013. Removing the unnecessary constraints of divided platforms is better for the developer community and the consumers.
The following video says a lot…its ironically delivered on YouTube.

“There’s only one web” -Adobe Learn more about the Open Screen Project.

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