Cellphone Carriers: Are you getting the best deal?

January 19, 2010Jake DiMare

After ten years with Verizon in 2004 they asked me to change my cell phone plan. Unfortunately the sales person forgot to mention that, given my cell phone usage, the new plan was going to cost me an extra $500.00 a month. When I got my first bill after the change I gave them a simple choice: Put my plan back the way it was and waive the overage or kiss your money and a loyal customer goodbye.
They chose the latter, which I thought was pretty shortsighted. I’m an unlimited plan guy which means to date they have lost out on about $9000 at their monthly prices plus the $500.00 I refuse to pay. (For some reason, this is not effecting my credit…Otherwise I am sure I’d be singing a different tune).
images13Since then I have been nothing but happy with Sprint. Many people ask me why I don’t have an iPhone and the answer is simple. iPhones are not available with my carrier…and I am not changing carriers. If you are wondering why I will not change carriers…Aside from the incredibly good coverage, excellent customer service and features, check this out:
I loved seeing this because I feel further vindicated. The good news is that with the flood of open source, android devices I am going to have plenty of choices for excellent hardware when I buy my next phone in June.

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