Cat training

February 3, 2010Jake DiMare

Project Potty Cat suffered its first major setback last night. We were three successful days into phase two, which means the cats were using the toilet with a full litter box insert. Sadly, one of the cats decided to be polite and lowered the toilet seat cover…or perhaps I did in my sleep. In any event, plan b turned out to be my brand new love seat.
As the saying goes, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs…Or perhaps when life gives you lemons…Ah…Never mind. I can probably clean the cushion cover. The important thing is there was no drama…Jackie and I both took it in stride, cleaned up the mess and went on with our morning. In order to prevent this particular problem from reoccurring I used packing tape to secure the toilet seat cover. If that doesn’t work because of condensation…I will just remove it.
Other than this issue things are going well. Hopefully we will get right back on track. I can’t wait to be done with kitty litter forever!

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