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February 10, 2010Jake DiMare

In following with their standard tradition Google sneaked right up and dropped an interesting new feature onto the Gmail platform yesterday. Google Buzz is a new tool within Gmail that pretty much mimics the functionality of Twitter and then some. Those that were invited to beta Google Wave will probably notice a couple similarities. For instance, with Buzz the user can broadcast pictures and videos right in an update. Buzz is also able to link into our content on Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Picaso for dramatically simple sharing.
To be honest, it makes me wonder if Wave was actually a beta for Buzz all along. If so, this approach allowed Google to test the system, gather feedback and make revisions without tipping their hand on their actual long term plans. This actually makes a lot of sense to me…I, like many of my friends, could never get into adding Wave to my rotation of sites to communicate with. Frankly, I was surprised to think Google believed there was a chance average users would.

The new Google Buzz interface
The new Google Buzz interface

Like the recent Facebook interface update, Google Buzz is rolling out slowly. I was last to see Facebook’s changes but I got Buzzed first thing today. I promised some friends who are out in the cold I would post a screen shot to my blog (press CTRL + to zoom in):
At the end of the day this is all about bandwidth. Not the kind that measures your connection speed…the kind that measures your attention. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, etc, etc, etc, are in a battle for your attention online because like the television industry eyeballs pointed at the screen = revenue in the internet economy. The only question from a shareholder’s point of view is who can capture more eyeballs?
What do you think so far? Is this the next flash in the pan in the never ending battle for our online attention or will Buzz turn into a legitimate contender in the social space?

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