Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines

February 17, 2010Jake DiMare

I can’t help but find humor in this story. I met Kevin Smith once and I have to say…he was a really nice guy. Even though I interrupted him at a late night sandwich place in Pittsburgh just to say I was a big fan…the guy was kind and generous about it.kevin-smith-too-fat-to-fly-kicked-off-planejpg-96b111afde2b7d48_medium
To echo the sentiment I read on my friendMichelle McCormack’s blog: this morning. Go Kevin!! And anyone else who receives less than satisfactory service from any organization. This is what the Internet is all about…the playing field is level. Every individual has the same potential reach as every organization.
On the topic of people reaching people on the social web, Michelle recently launched the Secret Boston Facebook page and it is growing geometrically. Like the wildly successful Secret London, this Page is for Bostonians to share the secrets of their city with fellow Bostonians. It’s going to be interesting to see how it works out.

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