New studio addition…

March 22, 2010Jake DiMare

My brother Max sent me a gift certificate to Guitar Center for my birthday. Yesterday I picked up the next (and last…for a while) addition to the home studio…An Ibanez RG350. It’s black on black with a maple next…Absolutely stunning. And it shreds. I have wanted one ever since I was a teenager, which may sound silly since there are much better guitars out there. But, the guitar player in my band had an Ibanez and he wouldn’t let me touch it. Compared to the squire or whatever it was my brother and I learned on…It may have as well been the best guitar in the world.┬áNevertheless, for the money, Ibanez guitars might be the best value in the world.
I also spent some more time getting comfortable with the Rosegarden midi sequencer after accidentally discovering it will play back on the piano I use to input the sequences! I recorded a melody and then created chords and passing tones with the matrix editor. It was a little tedious at first but as I got more comfortable with the interface I realized how much power this tool is going to give me in my quest to create a complete piece of music.

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