The singularity is closer than you think…

March 30, 2010Jake DiMare

Ever heard of Raymond Kurzweil? He’s this really smart inventor and futurist who has an uncanny knack for making scarily accurate predictions about the development of technology. But I’m not talking about Nostradamus type nonsense…Kurzweil is a serious scientist and a respected author. He’s testified before congress because of his deep knowledge regarding AI, Nanotech and Biotech. The accuracy of his predictions so far are observed to be better than 85%.
You can read them all at the link provide but I just want to cover some of the more extravagant things predicted to happen in my (natural) life span. I say natural because if he is correct the likelihood exists I might live much, much longer.
If his accuracy continues:
In the 2010‘s: Cell phones will be built into clothing and will be able to project sounds directly into the ears of their users.
In 2018: 1013 bits of computer memory–roughly the equivalent of the memory space in a single human brain–will cost $1000.
In the 2030‘s: Mind uploading becomes possible. (I hope I live to see this)
In the 2040‘s: Human body 3.0 is gradually implemented during this decade. It lacks a fixed, corporeal form and can alter its shape and external appearance at will via foglet-like nanotechnology.
In 2045: $1000 buys a computer a billion times more intelligent than every human combined. This means that average and even low-end computers are vastly smarter than even highly intelligent, un-enhanced humans.
Post 2045 he goes on to talk about super intelligent computers “waking up the Universe” by converting all planets, meteors and asteroids into giant computers…and he is completely serious. That’s the haunting thing about these predictions…they are some of the craziest things I have ever read but they are 100% serious from a respected, reputable source with a observably strong track record in accuracy.
For now I’d settle for a printer that works reliably…

R2D2 You've found a cigarette!
R2D2 You've found a cigarette!

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