June 17, 2010Jake DiMare

So, I am getting closer to the release of my second blog, betaPROGRAMMER. The goal is to provide a platform strictly focused on work stuff, leaving me free to use my personal blog to talk about whatever I want. Also, I have a second contributor lined up for the content on betaPROGRAMMER. His name is Ben and he and I have worked together on many projects over the years. Ben is a much more talented and experienced programmer than I. He’s going to provide a much deeper level of knowledge while I will stay focused on sharing the things I have learned with beginners.
I’m really excited about this project. Over the years I have learned quite a lot searching for solutions on Google. This strategy has saved my hide on more than one tight deadline. I have finally got to the point where some of my own work is worth sharing and I like the idea of giving something back to less experienced programmers trying to get something done.

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