Touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Brian MacNeil

August 30, 2010Jake DiMare

I was incredibly fortunate to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC with my good friend Brian MacNeil this past Saturday. In addition to being my friend, Brian is an incredibly talented and experienced painter and graduate of the prestigious Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Our journey through the museum was the most informative I have ever experienced. I basically got the entire overview of the history of classical realist painting in a few hours. This experience allowed me to gain new perspective and truly deepened my interest in fine art paintings.
About halfway through the tour we stopped at a book stand. Brian picked up a title on fine art and began thumbing through it. He wanted to show me a drawing his friend and former classmate did when they were in school together which was included in the book. Just at that moment, by sheer coincidence, his friend walked up and said hello to us. He was in town to take part in the first annual Grand Central Academy of Art drawing competition, which Brian is also competing in.
Brian is also a tattoo artist. He did my left art sleeve and has become the only person I will ever allow to tattoo me again. Brian’s natural artistic ability, easygoing demeanor and genuine love for the art is quickly making him one of the most important names in the industry. If you have any plans to get a tattoo I would check him out! He’s taking appointments in Providence RI for a few months this fall before he returns home to Italy.

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  • brian macneil

    October 2, 2010 at 12:10 am

    I love the article Brother!!! Thanks a lot. So when do you want to start that other arm?

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