Did you know…

November 15, 2010Jake DiMare

For all their complaining about the Federal Government and taxes, I found it very interesting to learn Alaska receives over $5 for every $1 they pay in taxes. Personally, I don’t like paying taxes anymore than anyone else does. But, I don’t like it because I am not on the dole. If Uncle Sam was paying my rent and cable bill, I believe I would be singing a different tune.
Meanwhile, the State of Alaska runs something called the permanent fund dividend program, which basically hands every state resident a couple of G’s a year, just for living there. All while the state runs at a deficit. That’s no joke, look it up.
You know what? Suck it Alaska! You’re so tough and survivalist…Do us all a favor and survive with less of our hard earned, lower 48 tax dollars. Then we’ll listen to you complain about the situation. Frankly, we here in the coastal northeast and parts of California are tired of pulling your weight anyways.

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