Sail away, sail away…

March 7, 2011Jake DiMare

This past Saturday Jackie and I nurtured our shared dream to one day own a big sail boat by visiting the New England Boat show at the new convention center in South Boston. There were many incredible boats to explore including Benneteau, Jeanneau and C&C but none were more impressive than the Tartan 4000. Everything about this blue water cruising boat screams I am ready to take you around the world in safety and comfort.
I think even some of the sailboat salesmen were surprised to see me make a beeline for the galley on every boat we investigated to test for the presence and strength of hand holds and a place for the cook to clip in. Although this may seem like a silly detail to most it is a very strong indicator of how thoughtfully and well built the boat is in addition to what life will be like on board.  The galley in the Tartan, like many other aspects of the boat, had the best layout and features for dealing with dinner in a calm, tropical harbor or making passage in heavy seas alike.
One of the areas I liked the most is the navigation station, which was large and comfortable. The map desk had a healthy storage space under the desktop where one could store even a large laptop in addition to charts and a log book.
The particular hull we toured at the show included a custom feature above the Starboard settee. Jackie first noticed this area, which is typically just shelving, was apportioned quite lavishly for books. Apparently it is intended as a way to maximize sleeping quarters for children aboard the vessel. We also discovered it could serve as a sea berth for Jackie.

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