Forest (Hills) for the trees…

May 14, 2011Jake DiMare

Forest Hills Station
Forest Hills Station

Back in December of 2010 Jackie and I purchased our condo in Forest Hills…Making us not only residents of Boston but tax paying property owners. Suddenly, my relationship with my surroundings took on a whole new meaning. What was once an area I wouldn’t want to accidentally end up in has become my home…And a part of Boston whose future we are betting on for the long run.
Recently we learned our bet may start to pay off even sooner than we might have supposed, thanks to the long overdue announcement of the Casey Overpass project. Our condo faces the east end of the overpass and an access road runs right past our front door. It’s pretty likely the construction phase will mean a really rough traffic situation but in the long run this should be good for Forest Hills and good for Jamaica Plain.
So far there’s been a lot of talk about paying close attention to bettering the area, more trees, improving views and luring businesses back to this corner of Jamaica Plain.
Since I have such a great vantage point I hope to take some good pictures and share them here. Not sure when ground is going to break.

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