Great Expectations…

May 18, 2011Jake DiMare

Waffle Sandwich
Blueberry Waffle Sausage Sandwich, as advertised

Around 15 years ago I made the switch from career construction guy to career office guy. Although smart with clients and good with a hammer, I was a menace to myself and everyone around me because of outside issues incompatible with balancing on rooftops and working with power tools. Since then I have learned there are many subtle differences between swinging a hammer and pushing pixels around a monitor but none are more obvious at 7 AM than taste in coffee.
After my career change I stuck with Dunkin’ Donuts for quite a few years…Obnoxiously pointing out Starbucks was for ‘yuppies’ to anyone who would listen. Eventually somebody convinced me to try Starbucks coffee and I have genuinely never looked back. Dunks coffee and Starbucks coffee are not even in the same league. It would be like asking the Paw Sox to compete with the Red Sox. It’s simply not fair.
Nevertheless, I periodically return to Dunks like a girlfriend I can’t shake feelings for. I’ll buy a breakfast sandwich, wallow in the pain of broken expectations in the time it takes to choke back a microwaved lump of egg between two soggy waffles and come back to reality even more convinced than ever that leaving Dunk’s behind was the right choice.
Unfortunately, today was one of those days. While riding the Red Line to work I glanced up for a moment and my eyes met an advertisement for the new Blueberry Waffle Sausage Sandwich. Insanity set in immediately as I felt a little tickle in my stomach and realized I was going to Dunks today. As soon as I entered the cold, sterile, florescent-lit shop I knew I’d made a mistake…But there was no turning back. Two guys wearing dirty jeans and sweatshirts bearing the mark of the local electrician’s union looked at me in my boat shoes and chinos as if to say ‘beat it punk…Dunks is for real men with real jobs’. I smelled a faint hint of blueberry in the air as I stepped up and ordered…
Waffle Sandwich
Blueberry Waffle Sausage Sandwich, in reality

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