Is it really happening? #occupywallstreet

September 23, 2011Jake DiMare

A crowd gathering outside the NY Stock Exchange

For years now I have been warning anyone that will listen about the problem of accelerating increases in inequality. My (sometimes) angry rhetoric on the growing gulf between the minority wealthy and the rest of us, and what it means to the fabric of society recently grew so loud it landed me a side gig as a regular contributor to The Good Men Project online magazine.
Well, at seems as though populist rage in the United States is finally starting to bleed outside of the more traditional channels like labor unions and filter down to the youth and unemployed. Check it out:
#OccupyWallStreet Is More Than a Hashtag – It’s Revolution in Formation
Occupy Wall Street
While I don’t want to be too quick or naive to say this is the moment when things actually start to change…It’s damn good to see people actually out there demanding it. Change doesn’t happen until it absolutely has to happen.
If I didn’t have a job and a mortgage and a car payment to make…I would be right there with them. In the meantime, I am able to support this fledgling movement with donations and so I have. I encourage anyone else who believes true change is necessary to do the same. This is one group who is out there really fighting for it.

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