I am not a crazy cat person…

October 28, 2011Jake DiMare

Emma (Left) and Ella checking out their new home...

…Yeah right. That’s exactly what a crazy cat person (CCP) would say.
Jackie and I rescued a pair of kittens from the MSPCA last weekend. Adding Ella and Emma to our family brings the total number of cats up to four. If I am not mistaken, situations where there are two humans and four cats in cohabitation officially indicates ‘borderline CCP personality disorder’. However, once you factor in all the mitigating circumstances in our specific case (average age of humans, lack of children, size of living quarters), we are well into the CCP spectrum.
All kidding aside though, I’m grateful one of the ways I can step up and give some of what I have is by rescuing and caring for animals. I genuinely get way more out of the experience than I put into it.
Ella and Emma are settling into life at home nicely. Emma, the larger and more outgoing of the two is the most affectionate cat I’ve met in a long, long time. Although she also enjoys exploring, running and playing…When it’s time to cuddle she’s all in. Ella, who we postulate is the runt of her litter, is quite shy with people but loves playing with toys and the other cats.

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