Jersey Shore or 16th Century Literature?

November 7, 2011Jake DiMare

Last Friday night I had an incredible, cultural experience with my lovely fiance and best friend Jackie. It featured Italian men in ridiculously tight pants, women wearing far too much make-up, lust, sex, street brawling, double suicide…Frankly, more drama than you can shake a stick at. I’m talking long drawn out death scenes, and young Italian women throwing themselves on the ground and wailing at their father’s feet for not allowing them to date who they want to. Total chaos. The kind of stuff MTV makes hundreds of millions of dollars peddling to young people every year.
Sounds like Jersey Shore eh? At the time it was written it just may have been. However, I am pleased to report I still have not watched a full episode of ‘the shore’. Everything I know about that stain on our nation’s cultural heritage is still gleaned through trusted, third-party reports.
The show we attended was the Boston Ballet performance of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Aside from the Nutcracker, which every kid in Boston sits through eventually…This was my first experience with live Ballet. I’m not afraid to admit I was incredibly impressed.
Link to Romeo and Juliet That the Boston Ballet is a world class dance company and it was a flawless performance should not come as a surprise to anyone. However, being somewhat uninitiated with the art, I was genuinely blown away. The level of athleticism, grace and elegance demonstrated by ballet dancers at the height of their game is truly impressive.
However, that’s only one part of the pageantry that make up the overall experience of attending this show. The performers are supported by breathtaking sets, gorgeous costumes and a phenomenal orchestra. The combination of these arts transports the audience to another time and place where the scenery may be different…But what motivates the characters are remarkably identifiable aspirations…passion, romance, respect.
It seems appropriate at this time in our history to point out there are amazing alternatives to the entertainment provided by television. So I’ll end with another nod to the ongoing movement to occupy our attention. This holiday season, consider supporting the arts instead of enriching the bank accounts of greedy corporations.

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