My take on 'Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory'

January 9, 2012Jake DiMare

It's a long walk to the bathroom, but you can't go for another 4 hours anyways.

Over the last few years I’ve absorbed a lot of derision for my general objections to Apple. Particularly for my insistent criticism of  Steve Jobs and the lack of Apple’s social responsibility standards with regards to supply chain practices. I truly don’t care if it changes anyone’s mind but I guess part of me hopes anyone who uses Apple products will listen to this report.
The truth is, I know 90% the electronic devices we use here in America are manufactured under similar conditions. I don’t even know why it annoys me so much more with Apple but I suspect the sanctimonious marketing and attitude of Apple consumers has something to do with it.  I also think Steve Job’s public resistance to any kind of corporate responsibility and charity adds to my disgust.
It truly is overwhelming to think we’ve allowed corporations to push other people into these circumstances after we fought so hard in this country to end this type of treatment.  The way I hear some people talk sometimes it is as if Americans think Chinese laborers want to work 16 hours a day for pennies with no bathroom breaks. That they want to live stacked up on top of each other like cord wood.
The real problem, like just about everything in our lives today, is a lack of sufficient regulation on corporations. At some point the discordant rift between human rights and corporate profits must end. What will life be like on this planet when it does? If Americans stood up and said this situation is no longer acceptable…That we will boycott any company that allows it to happen and vote out any politicians that allow it to take place…What would life be like?

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  • Sherisa Aguirre

    April 2, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    I thought it might interest you and your readers to know that Ira Glass publicly apologized for the failure of this American LIfe to fact check this story. In fact, it appears that the supposed journalist greatly enhanced the research for dramatic effect but not so much for accuracy.
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    1. Jake DiMare

      April 5, 2012 at 12:27 am

      Hello Sherisa,
      Thanks…It did interest me. As much for how Ira and TAL handled it as anything else. I’ve loved that show since the day it came out and I was disappointed.
      However, the other interesting thing about this story is Mr. Daisey, story teller that he is, didn’t need to embellish for dramatic effect. The truth about the conditions for Foxconn employees was known before his show to anyone who cared enough about Apple products to read their annual report on supply chain practices.
      Nevertheless, The thing TAL and Mike Daisey accomplished is awareness and unparalleled changes are finally happening for the workers. For that, we should all be thankful.

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