Instant love for Android Instagram…

April 9, 2012Jake DiMare

Instagram LogoI finally got the opportunity to download Instagram for Android over the weekend and I have to say…I haven’t fallen more deeply in love with a mobile application since I discovered Space Cat for Android. The Instagram roll-out has been flawless, the integration tight, and the functionality leaves me with absolutely no questions about why iPhone fan boys (and girls) have been raving about it for months. My only complaint for Instagram is: What took you so long?
Seriously though, if you haven’t checked this app out yet, I strongly recommend it. You’ll be wondering why you barely ever used your standard phone camera in no time. In addition to offering all sorts of filters to dress up otherwise standard smart phone photography, the social aspects of the experience are instantly addictive and imminently usable.
The other thing I like about Instagram is the simplicity. Everything about the interface screams to me that the design and build team decided to create a better social sharing experience for mobile photos…And nothing else. This is a really smart strategy for a mobile-only play and I hope they stick by their approach as the application matures.
Check out some examples of my new mastery of photography and/or visit






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