#OMG…Google #ifihadglass !

March 29, 2013Jake DiMare
Google Glass
I hope these make my mustache look good

So excited…I was notified this evening that I’ve been selected for the Google Glass explorer program. This is some serious Willy Wonka golden ticket action for me. It feels like I won the lottery. The #ifihadaglass contest was to share in a tweet or on Google+ what I, as an individual, would do with my Google Glass. Today they sent out notices to the 8000 selected entries.

If you are not yet familiar with what Google Glass is, here’s a good place to start: http://www.google.com/glass/start/

When I entered the contest this was my tweet:

Two hours ago I got this response:



I can’t even think straight enough to write this post I’m so excited…

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