Can you smell it too?

May 14, 2013Jake DiMare

Facts have such a liberal bias...

Recently I shared this chart, courtesy of Mother Jones, on my Facebook page and was quickly challenged by a connection to explain what I thought it had to do with the current conversation about Benghazi. Here’s what I had to say:
Well Paul, since you asked…What this data provides me with is confirmation of what, as a level headed American with a memory that extends past how many beers I drank the night before, I intrinsically knew in those moments when I heard the earliest reports of the events unfolding in Benghazi: While this loss of life is tragic…Working for the foreign service, like many jobs with the United States in war zones, is a high risk occupation.
Since then there have been many other tragic events that, for some reason, haven’t received as much attention from the ‘conservative media’. I think specifically of Sandy Hook…Where 20 children and 6 adult staff members were gunned down in an elementary school. Slaughtered by a psychopath who was armed with high-capacity military assault weapons. I hear those reports and think to myself: Going to elementary school shouldn’t come with the risk of a military style assault.
Yet, for some reason the conservative media, whose ┬áprimary audience is made up of those who ostensibly claim ‘family values’ and ‘God’ and ‘religion’ as their north stars, seem to want to ignore the tragedy in Sandy Hook away…As opposed to droning on and on for day after day dissecting every detail of how it could have happened…And what we can do to reduce the risk it happens again.
And so you ask me, “Jake: What does this data say to you?” Well…to be honest, it’s not so much as what my eyes see as what my nose smells…The gamey, ripe smell of hypocritical, conservative bullshit piling up before my eyes in neat little stacks of red, white and blue.

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