July 17, 2016Jake DiMare

See I’m a simple type of guy…When I see lightning I wait to hear the thunder. Consequence. And I don’t act surprised when entire segments of the population, who believe they aren’t getting any justice from the acting authorities, start taking justice into their own hands…However messy, cowardly, and unjust their actions may be to my privileged sensibilities.
After Dallas I said: One can be sympathetic and heartbroken for the victims of violence whether they are police officers unjustly murdered by a psychopath or unarmed and innocent civilians murdered by over-zealous, poorly trained police officers. These are not inconsistent sentiments.
After Louisiana, what I have to share, is you can also be sympathetic and heartbroken for the victims of this tragedy in Baton Rouge while simultaneously thinking about all the ways our society is presently unable to provide equal access to justice, opportunity, or, when necessary, mental health care.
What so often gets lost to those of us who rarely have to deal with violence, hunger, or abusive law enforcement, is we don’t get the government we deserve, we get the government we elect. More importantly, what we humans so often forget is we don’t get to choose the consequences of our decisions. Create a corrupt, broken society, and the people will begin to get restless. Fail to fix it indefinitely, and the people will start breaking stuff. Continue to fail…And blood will flow.
What amazes me about this knowledge is that humans have witnessed this cycle hundreds of times over the course of our history, yet we always seem powerless to take actions to prevent the inevitable. For a while, I wondered…Could it be that the ruling class doesn’t know their history? That they can’t see the writing on the wall? Do they really just keep forgetting the consequences of an unjust society and therefore take no measures to change course? Now I’m starting to believe, just maybe, it’s how they thin the herd…

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