Mapping the Customer Journey

Process Tool: How to Map the Customer Journey in three simple steps

May 8, 2018Jake DiMare

In this follow up to Make Strategy Great Again, Jake shares his process for mapping the customer journey in a self-published tool called: “How to Map the Customer Journey in three simple steps.”

I once hiked the Kalalau Trail from Hāʻena State Park to Hanakāpī‘ai Falls, in Kauai with my wife and brother. It was simultaneously the most impressive and most challenging hike of my life and required a bit of planning. We needed to bring in food, means to communicate in an emergency, water, and plan for times to rest on the long and sometimes grueling hike with significant elevation changes over an eight-mile course. However, the pay-off was second to none, and I hope to see that waterfall with my own eyes again someday.

Imagine your customers are like hikers on an arduous adventure. The journey with your brand, particularly on the perilous path to purchase, can be a challenge. If your product is a large, heavily considered purchase involving multiple stakeholders the journey may as well be like the trip to Mordor. Anything you can do to help your customers along the way will create value for them and your organization.

Understanding and documenting the path in a way that is detailed and meaningful will allow you to predict what content and experiences can help your customers succeed at each step of their journey.

Sample Customer Journey Map

Over the years I’ve helped many SMB’s and enterprise organizations plan the journey their various customer personas take on the path to purchase. It’s always a complicated but essential and richly fulfilling experience to have.

In my last post, we explored making strategy great again. Mapping the customer journey is one of the key activities I recommended and promised to revisit. To share my approach, I’ve published a tool under a creative commons license.

In it, you’ll find a three-step process and some sample deliverables to help you on your way. However, if you’d like a sherpa on your journey mapping experience, or someone to lead it entirely,  I’d be happy to come over and lend a hand. In the meantime, enjoy:

How to map the customer journey in three simple steps


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