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June 28, 2018Jake DiMare

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a J.Boye Digital Leadership forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event was held at The Danish Society for Nature Conservation and included senior digital leaders from GEA, The World Health Organization, The United Nations Environment Program, Danish Traffic Safety, and Danish Agriculture and Food.

To start the morning, I shared trends I am following in marketing, with a strong focus on practical applications of digital that are disrupting the way organizations go to market. In this roundtable discussion, we covered digital commerce, voice, AI, the blockchain, and we explored transformative digital marketing at incumbent brands who are facing off with upstart, digitally native vertical brands.

During our discussion on current trends, there was a solid consensus that cyber-currency and blockchain are interesting, but not yet ready for primetime. This is aligned with my own view that acceptance of cryptocurrency will remain significantly limited until price volatility settles down.

Digital leaders making the case

Later in the morning, we pivoted to another roundtable discussion on making the business case for digital transformation. I shared a process I’ve used while helping enterprise organizations better understand the full scope of large-scale change. I also unpacked a spreadsheet tool I call the Biz-Case-O-Matic, which you are free to use on your next cost-benefit analysis.

In the Biz-Case-O-Matic, you’ll find four sheets. Updating the costs and benefits in the first two sheets will automatically update the calculated fields in the third and fourth sheets, providing a 5-year, amortized, net-present value of the prospective investment. If you have any questions on how to use it, don’t hesitate to contact me.

After a fantastic lunch provided by the Society, we took a tour of their office space and learned about the exceptional digital tactics they’ve employed to achieve the organization’s mission.

Participation in J.Boye events and forums continues to have a tremendous, positive effect on my professional development. This year I increased my commitment from one to three events, and I’m so excited to return in November for the annual conference in Aarhus.

Until then, here are the trends slides from yesterday’s forum and pictures of our day.

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