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Best Bets for Boye Brooklyn

April 2, 2019Jake DiMare

This spring I am thrilled to participate in Janus Boye’s annual conference, returning to the US on May 7 in Brooklyn, New York. Boye Conference is one of the best ways to get involved with Boye-Co, an affiliation that has changed the trajectory of my professional career with strong friendships in a network of digital leaders around the world, openly sharing their experiences.

This year I am proudly hosting the Business Development Track, featuring an incredible line up of speakers from Audi, MasterCard, and Solodev. In it, we’ll share and explore the digital strategy and tactics that have grown revenue at our organizations in a highly collaborative and open set of sessions. We’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t and explore what’s next for business development, in the era of accelerating change.

I’m also excited to hear Kristen Kehrer’s Keynote: “Models are Not Black Boxes: Bridging the Communication Gap Between Data Science & The Business.” As a data scientist and founder of Data Moves Me, Kristen is a tireless advocate for demystifying the role of data in the enterprise while building genuine, trusting relationships between her field and the business stakeholders with whom they partner. It will be my second time seeing Kristen speak and all new content.

Kristen is also giving a workshop on Wednesday afternoon entitled “What does it mean to be data-driven?” where she promises I will come away with immediate steps I can take to improve this critical area of my life as a marketer. This workshop will be ideal for anyone who utilizes data to make decisions in their organization, who wants to level up their organization’s data strategy or promote internal change on the processes and utilization of data.

Besides all the excellent social events and the promise of springtime in Brooklyn, I’m also looking forward to Sharon O’Dea’s keynote entitled “The future of work is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed yet” and her track on the modern workplace. As someone who works remotely full time, I love learning about tools, tactics, and tricks to succeed out there as a digital nomad.

Last but certainly not least, I am excited to learn from Dan Saffer, product manager at Twitter, in his session: “How to achieve product-market fit faster.” In it, he’s exploring the tension and intersection of product managers and designers, and how they overcome their differences to achieve product-market fit faster by amplifying each other’s strengths.

If you have never been to a Boye conference before, prepare to learn, have a great time, and make incredible new connections. Janus has a gift for convening an impressive group of professionals and getting them to share their experiences openly in a way that builds genuine, lasting friendships.

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