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My name is Jake and am a native son of Boston, happily living in Los Angeles, Ca. I have a wide variety of interests but at the top is spending time with my wife Jackie, family, and friends, as well as sailing, photography, and movies.

As for my professional life, I’m a Digital Strategist and Marketing Technologist. I’m currently leading strategy engagements with the amazing team at Agency Oasis in Santa Monica, CA. I have spent the last fifteen years designing and building custom web sites in different industries including entertainment, lifestyle, government, publishing, health and higher education. Today, in addition to managing the design and development of big, high-traffic web content management systems, I provide online communication strategy consulting to organizations of all sizes.

This is my website and blog. I am not sure what else to say about that. There’s no real format…Sometimes I might just post some media I think is cool. Other times I might rant about something that bothers me. As I explore topics that interest me my goal is to write about them to enhance my experience. If anyone else gets something out of it…Well that’s great.

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  2. Hi Jake -
    I came across your recent article on Agnostic Spirituality and enjoyed reading your thoughts, especially about vulnerability in admitting one’s uncertainty, and the fact that you still pray. I think very similarly so I thought I would contact you and introduce myself.

    I am a financial planner by profession but I also dabble in writing. I have been published in a few local magazines – nothing big – and I have just written my first book, which is based on Spirituality written from an Agnostic perspective. In fact I’ve analyzed a few of the topics you’ve discussed, some with a similar perspective and some very different.

    Should you have any interest, I would love to get feedback from you on my book, and perhaps a review or quote that I could post on my website, under the “News” tab at http://www.3ChipsOnGod.com (which would also link back to you). I can send you a PDF, Kindle, or print copy of the book. It is about 265 pages in length and is being published in a few weeks.

    I know you must get alot of these requests, so I completely understand if you must decline. Regardless, I thought it worth saying hi and letting you know that I find your material to be intelligent and distinct.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my note, and I look forward to reading more of your postings in the future.

    Warm regards,