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Marco Rubio

For me, the most interesting aspect  of Marco Rubio’s ill-fated rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address this week wasn’t the Senator’s palpable, obvious difficulty with nerve. As entertaining as the stuttering, stammering, and dry-mouth was to behold,  it is the ongoing reaction of my Conservative friends and associates that I’m enjoying most. The response can invariably be broken down into two categories:

  1. To pretend it didn’t happen.
  2. To respond to the chorus of laughter from the left with comments like: “Why don’t you respond to the content of Senator Rubio’s speech, instead of poking fun at the fact he was thirsty?”


In the case of the former, those smart enough to leave this one alone, I applaud your finally conceding some ground to reality. In the case of the latter, those who feel compelled to pretend the cause of our derision is dehydration, please don’t allow anything I share to influence your Conservative fantasy bubble. The echo chamber you live in is partially what makes progressive political gain possible.

Frankly, there was no content to Senator Rubio’s rebuttal. It was a rehash of the same, worn-out, parroted, rhetorical talking points that cost the GOP the Presidency, and control of the Senate in the 2012 elections. The 2013 GOP who only maintained a lingering, marginal control of the House because of underhanded gerrymandering tactics. The NY Times ran a great piece on this today, entitled ‘Can the Republicans be Saved From Obsolescence?’

As for the remainder of the Senator’s blathering, it was a collection of lies and misleading reductionist clap trap, sprinkled with a hint of science denial, God and patriotism. Oh, and that little gem about the Senator living in a working class neighborhood…That was a particularly ostentatious line of bullshit Conservatives are sure to gobble up, without even thinking of using Google to confirm.

So if you are wondering…Why are liberals only reacting to how pitifully nervous the Senator was? The answer is simple: His inability to remain calm was the only genuine part of his speech. His obvious internal conflict over the garbage he was regurgitating, undoubtedly under threat of losing Super PAC money, was the only detail of interest. We’ve all heard the nonsense pouring out of his dried up soup-cooler before. Yawn.

But the very best part? Continued Republican denial of reality. Instead of determining this man is not prepared to compete in the big show, conservatives will press forward, under the lingering hope his Latino heritage will somehow make a difference in coming elections. Instead of waking up and realizing the Conservative platform only appeals to a handful of shrinking demographics, they will press on without any change in the prioritization of issues. Over the past 10 years I have wondered aloud so many times, is this the best Republicans can do? Really? It’s why I left the Republican party after Bush Jr. was elected and now it seems I will never be back.

To be honest, I have stopped wondering. In an era of accelerating technological progress there will be a natural process of leaving some things behind. It will be sad, in a sense, but it is inevitable. It’s not the first time progress rubbed out a political party…And it’s certainly not going to be the last.

ShovelEach time I think the GOP presidential nomination process has hit rock bottom one of the candidates produces yet another shovel. This past weekend ‘The Newt’ (as I’ve taken to refer to him) managed to slam dunk the South Carolina primary in a major upset that’s left everyone scratching their heads…And I mean everyone.

What’s so confusing is the complete lack of fealty toward traditional Conservative doctrine, like family values and free-markets . Instead, the voters in South Carolina approved of a misogynistic adulterer and disapproved of a classic 20th Century vulture-capitalist. The howls of protest and lament coming from various factions within the Republican party and pundits are truly remarkable to behold. Just listen to what Chris Christie, Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck have to say.

So here we are, three major events into the nomination process and it is anybodies guess who’s going to come out on top. Silos are clearly deepening within the Conservative movement. Last week I discovered cracks may actually be forming in the Christian base after viewing the now famous poem “Why I Hate Religion” (shared below) by a young Christian youth minister and poet named Jeff Bethke.

It didn’t take much digging to learn Jeff is not some irreligious atheist with a taste for slamming the church. To the contrary, he is a respected member of a large Christian church in the Pacific Northwest. This kid lives for Jesus. Now I don’t want to put words in his mouth, yet there it is…He calls out Christians for equating themselves with Republicans twice before the first minute of his poem is over.

For my own part, like many liberals, I am quite amused with the situation. Watching the GOP spin its wheels for months while the Democrats fill their war chests isn’t going to bring me the kind of progress I hope for, but it is still the lesser of two evils. So keep digging conservatives…There’s bound to be a candidate on whom you can agree down there in the mud somewhere.