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Aaron Sorkin’s rant through Will McAvoy, the lead character in his hit new HBO series ‘Newsroom’ is almost correct…According to the Wikipedia list of top international rankings by country, America is number 1 in many categories. Here are just a few: Largest cheese producer, largest importer, largest external debt, highest production of corn and beef. Most number of guns, most guns per person, highest incarceration rate. Most people in prison. We are number 1 in oil consumption…and we kick ass in almost every conceivable category for measuring a military. North Korea squeaks by us with highest percent of GDP spent on military.

However, here are some categories we don’t own: Lowest level of business corruption (Switzerland) Highest economic competitiveness (Switzerland) Highest level of democracy according to (Sweden) Most equal income distribution (Sweden) Best student performance in reading (South Korea) Largest broadband network covered in the world (South Korea) Most trade freedom (Singapore) Highest level of gender equality (Norway) Highest budget surplus (Norway) Most peaceful (New Zealand)

But I guess what really interests me is, are we the best at what we claim to be the best at? I mean, does America live up to its brand promise? Here are a few really interesting facts which refute this claim:

  • Most freedom of press (Iceland)
  • Most economic freedom (Singapore)
  • Easiest place to do business (Singapore)
  • Fastest growing rate of millionaires (India)

So the question, I ask onto the, dear listeners…What is it we want to own in America? What do we want to be best at?

PS- World’s largest producer of cannabis (Afghanistan)

Posted by Jake DiMare at 2:59 pm

For all their complaining about the Federal Government and taxes, I found it very interesting to learn Alaska receives over $5 for every $1 they pay in taxes. Personally, I don’t like paying taxes anymore than anyone else does. But, I don’t like it because I am not on the dole. If Uncle Sam was paying my rent and cable bill, I believe I would be singing a different tune.

Meanwhile, the State of Alaska runs something called the permanent fund dividend program, which basically hands every state resident a couple of G’s a year, just for living there. All while the state runs at a deficit. That’s no joke, look it up.

You know what? Suck it Alaska! You’re so tough and survivalist…Do us all a favor and survive with less of our hard earned, lower 48 tax dollars. Then we’ll listen to you complain about the situation. Frankly, we here in the coastal northeast and parts of California are tired of pulling your weight anyways.