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Posted by Jake DiMare at 9:29 pm

As far as snow is concerned, this year has been, well, ridiculous. I’m not one to complain too much about that which I can control…I know I can move. But we are getting hammered this year and it is becoming a little exhausting.

That being said, I am very fortunate to be in the business of building web sites because I can get my job done from anywhere in the world. Thus, staying home does not interfere with getting the job done.

Posted by Jake DiMare at 9:16 am

The weather here in Boston is starting to warm up and the sun’s been out for a few days. I pulled the motorcycle out of storage last night and the first ride felt, well…Great. Adding to my good mood, my cat seems as though he might pull through. The last few days he has not been sulking around the house crying. He’s still only passing a small amount of urine at a time but he also doesn’t seem to drink much either. I am going to try adding clam juice to his water.